What to do if a moving company damages your furniture

We like to believe that the moving companies we trust are reliable enough to make our move easier and not harder. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. While a moving company is required to take responsibility to make sure your goods are transported safely, accidents can happen, while some companies just aren’t as deserving of your trust as you thought. Here’s what you should do if you ever find yourself in such an uncomfortable situation.

Before any incident even happens, you should take whatever safety measures that you can. Always make sure the movers you are trusting with your goods are reliable. While damage may happen due to occasional carelessness, some companies may be prone to negligence or be downright incompetent, so make sure to check out the testimonials first. See how much experience they have and how satisfied the clients are. But even if everything looks okay, make sure to record the state of your items in whatever way you can – photos, video, descriptions, etc. These will serve as your evidence should you ever need to file a claim.

As long as you have the documentation of the state of your items pre-move, you should have no problem with your moving damage claims. You need to have all the records of your possessions plus and inventory sheet, listing them all. Once all that is in order, it’s time to file a complaint with the company. Start by immediately informing the movers when you spot damage. Collect all the evidence you can get your hands on – document any damage you can find in the same way you documented the state the items were previously in. Make sure you also report any other negative consequences that the damage could later give way to.

Write down your claim and get your items ready for inspection by the mover. The moving company has to see the items before they can pay you your money back. Once that is done, you have to wait for their decision regarding your claim. Usually moving companies settle for a relatively reasonable sum, so they can make up for any losses you have suffered.